Teacher Resources




Student Response System




This is an excellent online platform to engage student in the classroom. It allows teachers to receive real-time results from multiple choice and short answers quizzes. You can also run course evaluations and run interactive games in class. The interface is also very robust, easy to navigate and provides teachers with an Excel template to efficiently import questions. Students can play using their laptops or smartphones.


Experiential and Active Learning


Classroom activity where students create their own:

Demand Curve

Supply Curve


Excel Activity: Production, Costs, and Perfect Competition


Zondle Team Play


This platform enables teachers to use an interactive game-based approach to teaching. It has been designed for use on IWBs (interactive whiteboards) or with computer projectors and screens. The game consists of user-designed multiple choice questions and is easy to implement in the classroom. Students can play using their laptops or smartphones.


  - Zondle Multiplayer Instructions



Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics


This site is an excellent resource for teachers wanting to learn innovative teaching strategies such as simulation games, experiments and interactive lectures.


Video Lectures


Khan Academy


 Great video lectures for economics and more.


Useful Tools


Excel Grading Rubric


A Macro Enabled Excel sheet that allows you to grade your students' presentations and print a report immediately afterwards.